Welcome at my website

       May I introduce myself and tell you a little bit
       about my "photographic life".

       I had my first contact with photography at the age of three. My father captured me with his box camera.

      When I was seventeen I shoot my first pictures with my
      fathers Instamatic.

      Not so long after I got my first SLR. It was an older german
      Praktica. Not even a lightmeter was built in.

   When I was 24 I became a sales assistant in a photo shop. That was great!  Everything that was new I was able to try out. My knowledge and photographic skills increased rapidly.  Most of the money I earnt I invested in my first real photographic gear.

      Aged around 32 my interest for vintage cameras started.  To identify vintage photographic cameras it was
necessary to  buy special  books. So an interesting photographic library has grown over  the years. 

I began to repair, to clean and if necessary carefully restore antique and classic cameras. Still today I like to do this
challenging hobby. So, many beautiful pieces of the photographic history went through my hands.

At the age of about 40 the first digital cameras came on the market. 0,8 megapixel!  Really not serious!  Nobody could
believe  how this would develop.  It simply overwhelmed us. Resolution took only 8 years to increase by a factor of 20.  The price for memory capacity decreased from 580,00 per GB in 1997 to about 10,00 per GB today.

I was looking for higher photographic quality so I switched to medium format at the age of 42. I bought a used Mamiya and a few lenses. Higher photographic quality and my love for nature went very well together.  Nothing is more relaxing for me
than spending a day in the fields.

The further developments of photography and my workplace drove me into getting familiar with the computer. Rapidly I recognized what computers and Photoshop meant for photography. It did not take a long time until I bought such a machine. At  the same time I was becoming  more unhappy with the results from our photolabs.

I started to get a few of my best slides scanned. It was clearly visible that the labs produced better prints from data files than directly from my slides. The final results and  the paper also made me think about other solutions.

My first digital darkroom I realized at the age of 47. Now the complete photographic chain except slide development and scanning was under my control. I was now responsible for my own prints. The search for printing knowledge was not easy, but the goal to present a Fine Art Printing Portfolio became more and more realistic.

At 49 finally it was time to make the switch to digital complete. Now DSLRs in the middle class were really good and also affordable. After a year intensive work with such a camera I can say there is no way back. At the beginning I used my Mamiya lenses with a homemade adapter, replaced them then step by step by high quality AF-Lenses.
Now also avian and mammal photography came into my viewfinder. Until now my gear was just too
slow for this kind of photography.


Now I am 51 and for more than the half of my life photography is an important part. It is never boring for me. I am happy that it was possible to combine my hobby with my profession and look forward to what will come along.

I hope you enjoy your time on my site and wish you "Good Light" for your photographic activities.

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